Civil Responsibility Insurance Polices

We insure the extra contractual risks of civil responsibility that are present in all activities or businesses.
Civil responsibility covers practically every aspect of today’s modern society. We cover and insure the civil responsibilities of companies as well as families, executing and giving opportune and professional assessment for the correct hiring. The most sought after are:

- Civil Responsibility for Construction: Guarantees the civil responsibility of the insured for damages caused to other individuals or derivatives such as excavation jobs, construction, montage, installation, painting, revision and maintenance.

- Civil Responsibility for Fire and/or Explosion:
Covers the complaints caused by fire and/or explosion, which was found to be a negligence of the insured individual or personnel and affects third party installations.

- Employee Civil Responsibility:
Covers complaints issued by employees of the insured, his successors or beneficiaries, caused by an accident at work in which the employee resulted in having corporal injuries or death.

- Crossed Civil Responsibility:
Extends the coverage of the additional insured individual designated as such regarding the conditions of the particular policy.

- Civil Responsibility for Excess of Vehicle:
Covers the compensations that come from injuries or deaths caused to third parties and/or damages caused to alien property, provoked by the vehicle/s of the insured as effect of an accident.

- Civil Responsibility caused by Contamination and/or Pollution:
Extends the coverage over damages caused by contamination and/or pollution which affect the environment, including water flows, groundwater, and similarities.

- Civil Responsibilities for Transporters and/or Passengers:
Guarantees the civil responsibility of the insured where he/she might incur in the quality of its transport for damages caused to persons and things of third parties. Loading the vehicle, transporting, transshipment and unloading, are protected phases, whereas the guarantee refers exclusively to damages done to third parties caused by merchandise.