Private Annuity Incomes

We offer the best alternatives for the payment of private annuities, considering the combination of deadlines and interest rates.

After the payment of a unique bonus, we design the best alternatives for net incomes considering the flexibility of the amount of your income, the duration of the contract (if it’s for a specific period or if it’s for life) and the way the benefits are paid (monthly, trimester, semester, annual, or unique, meaning you decide when you want to enjoy the benefit). Also, a private annuity income will provide you with the following benefits:

- Protection: You will be able to willingly designate the beneficiaries, and in case the titleholder dies, the incomes perceived by them are indefeasible.

- Tax Planning:
Your investment is constituted through and insurance premium and the wage paid by the insurance company is a non-constitutional income (Art. 17 number 3 “Ley de Renta”); therefore, the rights generated by the policy are not affected by the law of heritage.

- Rentability:
Your capital, which constitutes the only prime, will be invested through a competitive interest rate, avoiding the volatility of investments in variable incomes.