Guarantee and Credit Insurances

We insure the obligations of contracts as well as the risk of no payment through a financial point of view.

The insurance of guaranties is an efficient alternative now  
a days, and is competitive with the actual tools used in
the financial system. We deliver guarantee policies that
that replaces recipts from banks making it a very safe,
fast alternative, with a lower cost and does not affect
the leverage of your financial states.
Among the most popular are:

- Guarantee of serious offers
- Guarantee of the correct downpayment investment
- Guarntee over loyal complyment of contract
- Guarante over good execution of deeds
- Guarantee for custom agents and shippers
- Guarantee over property sales

The credit insurance is a tool which
allows the company to define its financial
risk if it does not comply with the payment
or no payment of its clients. Now a days
it isnt sufficient enough to cover only 
the fixed assets of the companies, since
these can become insolvent or go into
bigger risks if their own debtors are not
compliant. The most typical ones are:

- Credit insurance for exportation
- Credit insurance for domestic market