Travel Assistance to Companies

Products designed to protect most of the contingencies that may be presented during personal or business trips. In world that is every day more globalized, to be able to deliver opportune attention practically anywhere in the world (consult exceptions) without executing co-payment whatsoever, without a doubt constitutes a facility, commodity, and tranquility when these problems present themselves.


We have developed Corporate Products according to the necessity of each institution. These products are directed to companies where trips to foreign countries are usual or where vast part of their work is done outside of Chile. We know that the necessities of a business trip are different from that of a trip for pleasure, that is why we have incorporated innovative elements in our products such as notebook restitution, an abundant protection if an accidental death or disablement is taken place (up to US 750.000 which can automatically be delivered), and an adequate medical protection in case of illnesses or accidents that is provided for you 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. We provide an immediate answer in the client’s language for all emergencies and unforeseen events that are covered.